IRICA exists to promote indigenous knowledge, provide community for researchers, and conduct applied research in the Horn of Africa.
Dr. Thomas Jones - Treasurer
Dr. Amina Said Chireh - Secretary
Dr. Idris Bexi - President
Dr. Abdirachid M. Ismail - Vice President

Dr. Bexi is an expert in geophysics. He is passionate about environmental science in the Horn of Africa and works to understand the effects of climate change on the natural resources in the region. As one of the pioneers who built Djibouti University, he leads the earth-science department in which he educates the future generation of scientists. He also supports public and private sectors on natural resource management, environment policies and climate change. His last contribution was an evaluation on the Mid-Term Review of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and Republic of Djibouti.

Dr. Abdirachid ismail, a senior lecturer at the University of Djibouty
where he teaches general linguistics and Somali linguistics. He was the
president of the committee which laid the foundation of the
Intergovernmental Academy of Somali Language. He is Co-editor of Afmaal book published by the latter Academy, among other
linguistics works. His latest book is on Elmi Bodheri, the most famous Somali poet, who is said to be died of love. 

Dr. Thomas Jones is a specialist in Comparative and International Development Education. His research focuses on educational issues in the Horn of Africa, NGO policy and project evaluation, and the development of English based education.

Amina SAID CHIRE is a geographer, teacher and researcher. She is a specialist of East African nomadism, migration and the risks and vulnerabilities they translate. She coordinated and/or participated in the production of reference books on the Republic of Djibouti such as "Djibouti Atlas" (2007), "contemporary Djibouti" (2012) and "The Nomad and the city in Djibouti" (2012).

She was awarded the Albert Bernard of the French Academy of Overseas Sciences in 2008 for “Atlas Djibouti” and in 2013 for "The Nomad and the City in Djibouti."