Annual of the Horn of Africa, vol. 1 (2017)

Call for papers: What research will help to produce sustainable and equitable development ?

           In 2017, the Republic of Djibouti will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its independence. After tenuous growth during its first two decades of existence followed by subsequent economic crisis of civil war (1991-1994), economic indicators are significantly improving since 2000.


Since 2007, the national economy, which remains a cash economy dominated by the service sector (transport, communication, trade, tourism, etc.) with 76% of GDP and 60% of the workforce, recorded an average annual growth rate of about 5% through the development of port activities, telecommunications, development of external funding on infrastructure and flows of foreign direct investment (FDI). The era is long gone when the country barely scraped by on rent from military bases leased to France and the meager resources from its only port. Djibouti’s new relative prosperity enables it to improve overall social indicators: school enrollment, health coverage, access to basic services (water, electricity, etc.) etc.


Even though Djibouti has experienced this growth, it hasn’t resolved all the country's development problems. The ongoing challenges to achieve equitable and sustainable development include water scarcity, low-cost energy production, rapid urbanization, underemployment and human rights infringements.


In all of these domains of interest, scientific research is able to provide knowledge for informed decision making, but this has not been realized in the region. Our current project seeks to question the relation Djibouti has with scientific research by identifying all the obstacles that prevent it from playing its part in creating a better future for all. Secondly, it will give the floor to researcher pioneers who, in difficult conditions, have continued to advance research and have produced promising results in many areas. A tangential objective is to encourage these researchers by developing and popularizing the results of their research.

Proposals and papers should be sent to the following address:

-Deadline for abstract submission: 15th November 2016 (less than 1000 words, English or French)

-Acceptance will be notified to authors at the end of November, 2016.

-Deadline for submission of articles: 28 February 2017 (maximum 50000 characters, English or French).

- The publication of the book is scheduled for fall 2017


To submit your abstract:


Scientific steering committee for this issue: Amina Said Shire, Abdirachid Mohamed Ismail, Idriss Bexi Warsama and Tom Jones.


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