Administrative Board

The president is an active member, having status of research professor or researcher.
He directs the Executive Office and the Scientific Council, representing the institute in all acts of civil life and is as such the agent.
He is elected by the General Assembly (GA) simple majority for a period of five (5) years, renewable once. He is responsible to the AG who can end his mandate before its term by a two-thirds majority.
The President implements the guidelines defined by the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council. He ensures the proper functioning of the Institute.
He prepares conventions and research contracts.
He executes the budget and orders expenditures.

The Vice President
The Vice President replaces the President in his absence. He is responsible for publications and communication of the institute.


The Secretary General
SG directs and coordinates the scientific activities of the Institute such as conferences and seminars; initiates and develops the scientific partnership.
With the support of a (e) assistant (e), the SG is responsible for keeping the different registers of the association, drafting of minutes of meetings and boards of directors to sign to certify them.

It makes payments and collects revenue and, as such, holds the accounts of the institute. It establishes the accounting reports at the end of each calendar year.

Scientific Board

It is comprised of the President, the Vice President, the General Secretariat, three members of the institute researchers, four international researchers, including two in the region of the Horn of Africa, and a student.

Except the officers, other members of the Scientific Council are appointed by the CA.

The SC decides on the axes and the research projects of the institute distributes research funds and decide on any scientific or technical matters as directed by the CA.


Dr. Idris Bexi

Dr. Abdirachid Mohamed

Dr. Amina Said Chireh

Dr. Thomas Jones

Dr. Kadar Ali

Dr. Abdoukadar  Hassan 

Dr. Mohamed Osman Awaleh

Dr. Ilyas Said

Dr. Sagal Mahamed

IRICA aims to promote excellence in research and the central function of the organization is to provide a space for research production and a community of people contributing to the development of the region through research. IRICA selects its members according to criteria established by the Scientific Council.

Applicants should meet the following admission process:
-Submit a request to the president of the institute, dated and signed, and with a motivation letter;
-Complete and submit the membership form at the institute.

Office status on the applications submitted to it at each of its meetings, and forward its opinion to the Board which will give a final opinion. The admission refusal need not be motivated.


Active members and members must pay respectively for a monthly fee of 10,000 or 3000FD. The membership fee is set annually by the board.
The first month of contribution is due to any membership occurring before the 20th of the current month. After that date, the fee is counted for the following month.


The payment of the monthly fee is due between the 1st and 10th of each month by check payable to the institute or by species. Different members can directly deposit their dues to the bank account of the institute to which reference will be given on demand.

In order to encourage and develop the actions and activities of the institute, honorary members are those who donate a sum of 100,000 FD or equivalent in benefits or equipment.