Our Values

  1. Interdisciplinary Research

  2. Sustainable Development

  3. Climate Change

  4. Globalization

  5. Local companies, institutions,  and communities

Explanation of Our Values
Interdisciplinary Research


IRICA values interdisciplinary research because of the complexity of social issues facing the region, one-sided approaches are often insufficient if not deficient. This is why research initiated by IRICA is built around a multidisciplinary approach that promotes exchanges and collaborations between researchers from different fields.


Sustainable Development

IRICA values studies that contribute to the sustainable development of the people of the Horn of Africa. To this end, we will mobilize hydrologists, geologists, chemists, biologists, anthropologists, geographers, sociologists, historians, linguists, lawyers, and all specialists in the natural sciences and social sciences to understand the realities of the Horn of Africa, grasp the changes that are taking place, and imagine alternative future pathways.

Climate Change and Globalization

IRICA values research that addresses the challenges implied by  climate change and globalization in order to maintain strength and consistency in these changing environments and avoid potential social breakdown, increase population resilience.



Local Companies, Instituations, and Communities

IRICA values research in local companies, instituations, and communities. These organizations face critical issues, especially related to energy, water, food, health, education, leadership and culture. These issues are at the heart of development and "wellbeing" of the Horn, and IRICA intends to contribute according to our abilities.